Tuesday, 17 April 2012

♥ Maxi Dresses ♥ 

For a while now, I've been on a quest to find some perfect maxi dresses before summer hits. As I'm very tall lots of maxis are way too short and just look silly. I also find that a lot of maxi dresses just drape down on people and make them look bigger than they are. I'm looking for dresses with some shape or waist defining features to show off our fabulous bodies. On my search I've found some gorgeous dresses that I'd like to share with you all.

Jane Norman is a great shop for defining your figure as most of their clothes are very fitted. I've found many lovely maxi dresses in Jane Norman but most of my favourites are very dressy as if they're for going out to dinner or walking the red carpet and not for everyday wear. Never the less they're still amazing and I still bought one.

Firstly an extravagant, elegant evening dress which I tried on and felt amazing in. Its a one shoulder jewelled waterfall gown and its just beautiful! The dress comes in Black, Red and Blue all of which look lovely. I especially like the jewelled detailing on the side of the dress which accentuates your waist. Plus the gathered runching of the material around the waist gives the illusion of a smaller waist which is fab! I'd recommend this dress if you had somewhere fancy to go but its not a daytime maxi! I have no occasion for this dress so as much as I wanted to buy it I knew it would never be worn. =[
I found that this dress was a perfect length as it was just grazing the ground and still had length to wear a pair of kitten heels. The material feels soft and flowing as if you are gliding as you walk. It truly is perfect if you do have a special occasion.

Jane Norman is slightly on the pricer side of the high street stores, this dress is £85 but its what I would expect for how nice it looks.

Still in Jane Norman is a beautiful tribal feel white, halter neck, floor length maxi; it also comes in animal print. Again its lovely but I think again its more for going out in the evening than wearing everyday. But it is a lot less dressy than the first. You could probably get away with it. The dress has a great shape its smaller around the waist and flows over your hips as a maxi should.

I'd wear this dress on holiday, I think it would look gorgeous with a tan or for anybody that had dark or olive skin. For me

this is a dinner dress so I don't have any special occasions to rush out and buy it for.
The dress has amazing beaded detailing from the middle of the bust up the halter neck straps.

It'd go fantastically with heels and a clutch if you're going to a fancy party or having a romantic dinner date. Or you could add a pair of metallic gladiator sandals and a light cardigan to wear on  holiday.
This dress is in the sale right now in stores just in time for summer and is only £45 down from £60.

Last Jane Norman dress, its very controversial in regards to what occasion its for. This is the dress I bought and I still can't decide how to wear it.
This dress is a long floor length flowing, belted maxi. It's got a chiffon overlay to give a floating, light feel to the dress which is very summery. On the inside of the dress the bust is padded to give some extra support as the dress is strapless, and it is also runched at the top to give the illusion of bigger breasts (who can complain).

To me I think its what accessories you add to determine what occasion the dress is for. Add sandals and a over shoulder or oversized bag for a more day time feel and heels and a clutch for an evening look. But also the print on the dress changes the feel, the butterfly print dress is more fun and for everyday. The Dress comes in Pink, red and butterfly print. I bought the pink one and I can't wait to wear it. The belts are all metallic gold/silvery in colour.

I'd recommend you only but this dress if you are quite tall, my friend who is 5foot tried this dress on and it was trailing abut 6inches behind her, unless you have amazing killer heels to wear with it ;)
Its a great shaped dress and the belt really does bring the whole thing together. This dress is £65.

New Look have lots of great looking maxis but lots of them aren't very figure friendly! They just hang over your body which isn't pretty. But I've found a few which I do really love and need to buy!
This dress is called a slub pocket maxi, it had an elasticated waist to give you some shape. Its very simple and will go with everything! The dress comes in 2 colours, peach and biscuit; which is a grey brown colour. Both look great. Its the perfect dress for adding accessories! Long necklaces, rings, bangles, the lot! The dress is great for casual days out or going to a summer bbq.
Its only £14.99,so there is no excuse not to own a maxi this summer!

This next dress is also from New Look, I've only seen this one the the website I've never actually seen it in a store so I'm not sure weather to buy it in case it looks awful on me. But I'm so in love with the design and look I had to show you. Soon as I try it on I'll update you.

Its a black bodycon scoop neck dress with an attached open front maxi skirt attached. This was the first of its kind that I saw in shops and online before the open front maxi craze started this year. The bright colours of the maxi skirt against the black are striking. I love the dress and will have to go on a search to find it. This could be worn with either heels or sandals for any occasion its just fabulous.

This would be the perfect dress for bold and colourful accessories! I'd go great with bright green or blue or pink! I'm thinking a chunky necklace and bangles!! amazing!
This maxi dress is £39.99 and its brand is john Zack within New Look.

I've always been a lover of Boohoo clothes which is why I knew it wouldn't let me down in my search for maxi dresses! There are lots that I love on the site which you should definitely go and have a look at! I only picked 1 from the site which I recently received in the post, and love, but sadly it hasn't been hot enough to wear out yet. =[

The dress comes in Coral or green, its floor length and has an elasticated waist and frills over the bust, again to make your breasts look bigger. Its got very floaty material that glides with you as you walk, its nice and light which is perfect for hot, sticky days.

For me this is the perfect day time maxi, throw on a pair of sandals and your sun glasses =] great for a summers day!

This Dress is £25.

Be careful when buying dresses on BooHoo.com and websites that you buy clothes in Small Medium and Large sizes, as each are different measurements! check with the size guide on each site to avoid disappointment!