Tuesday, 15 May 2012

♥ Clothing Haul ♥

Went on a bit of a mad shopping spree in the week!
Picked up some amazing bits n pieces! ..

Firstly in Jane Norman, I bought this amazing biker jacket which I'm soo in love with but I'm suddenly thinking I don't have much that goes with it! sooo I shall be going out again his weekend to look for matches ;)

This Jacket was £60 BUT now is in the sale which I a gutted about!!! So now its £45! lucky for whoever gets it from now! :( But I can't be upset I love it! 

I Saw this top a long time ago and found just my size in the sale!! Was so happy! PLUS it matches my new jacket!! I saw it on the Jane Norman home screen a few months back, worn with jean shorts and an oversized beige cardi and it looks fab! I can't wait for the rain to stop so I can actually wear all the summery clothes I've been buying!
This top is too perfect for showing off your figure! The runched detail gives you a tiny waist yet shows off your sexy curves. Also the cheeky gold studs on the front give the illusion you are slimmer which is always a plus! This is a top for all occasions. You can wear on a night out with some wet look leggings and heels or just with some jeans for a casual look. 

I'd never seen something quite like this before so I tried it on and fell in love instantly. Specially since its still freezing cold out, a bit of extra warmth will be a treat! I think this was defined as a Neck drape top? Either way its great I was wearing it today and its so cosy =] These was also a red leopard print one but I wasn't sure how much It'd match everything else so I did the safe thing and bought black. The neck drape was in the sale at Republic and it was only £10 down from £20. The red one is also exactly the same price. 
Its a shame there are not many 'Republic' shops near me as I love the store! Within he shop my fav brand is MISO! Their dresses are definitely worth having a look at! Plus They're very reasonably priced!

I think you can wear this over most things it looks best over vibrant colour tops as it breaks up the brightness and adds texture. But saying that, it looks great over black too as the photo shows! 

This is what it looks like on if you can't imagine it...

I love a bit of oversized statement jewellery! sooo I bought this! It looks amazing under a blazer n a plain white shirt! This was £25 from River Island and It sounds expensive but its worth it! I've worn it 3 days out of 5 since I bought it! The necklace goes with pretty much everything as its silver toned! Not too much to say about this purchase other than I'm so glad I bought it! =]
Large jewellery is the way forward!! 

Of course I bought shoes on my shopping trip! Like always! I'll do a page for them in the tab 'ShoesShoesShoes' in the top Nav bar x x x