Wednesday, 14 March 2012

♥ Spring Fashion 2012 ♥

The Blazer
This year every female requires a Blazer! No matter what your size or frame there is a perfect shape for you. finally we are embracing the smart casual look. A blazer can be worn for any occasion except lazy lounging around the house. You can dress it up with some smart trousers and court shoes. Dress it down with a vest top and skirt. Or dress it sexy over a going out dress. It will work with EVERYTHING. Plus they make everybody waist look damn tiny (wooohooo)
Try H&m for an inexpensive blazer with plenty of styles to choose from.

The Wedge 

I Curse anybody who said the wedge style would only last one year!! WRONG! 
In every single shop today there was a pair of sandal wedges getting ready for summer. if you don't own a pair, hang your head in shame and go buy some tomorrow! They are fantastic you wont regret it, wedges are by far the most comfortable alternative to heels.
Try river island for some killer 6 inches! 
or new look for some stunning colour ranges..
any shop you go .. trust me you'll find a pair! 

Monochrome Stripes

Definitely for the more daring! Monochrome stripes are all over the catwalk! weather it be dresses, tops , trousers, shoes.. its in!
I got bought a stunning stop from Jane Norman this Christmas just in time for the fad. they seem to be right on style this season.. plus most of their clothes are 50% off now as they are sadly closing down.
Striped leggings are a great way to show off your legs.. they make them appear longer so all you 5-footers get shopping!... have a wonderful range.
New look have also joined the trend and as have 


Ditch the sunglasses there's no bright colours here. Pastel colours are HOT as seen on every catwalk this year! They're great spring to summery colours!  
Pastels seem to bring out anybody's skin tone and eyes! I don't no how but it happens! they look great and matches with a nice a pair of summery wedges maybe floral would be a HIT!
Find these gorgeous colours anywhere! 
new look especially has a whole pastel range including stunning shoes to match!

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