Wednesday, 2 November 2016


Time to get cosy and snug!!

Lets start with some of this years trends and my favourite! THE OVERSIZED SCARF!!
You'll catch me wearing one of these wherever I am!

This is the perfect transition look for this time of year!
Not quite Winter, but that sun is definitely playing games,
because it is NOT HOT! But why not get a few extra days
 out of your favourite sunglasses before a new style is in
 next year and yours need to go deep into storage! Yes! Its
 a sad day when you think the cat eye sunglasses you
rocked for Instagram this year will still be 'IN' next time

Where to buy? / Where I buy!

My go to shop for these beauties is Zara! They don't have the largest collection but they do have amazing quality, feel and timelessness! (if thats a word).

Next up is ASOS!
Great variety and loads to choose from! However, obvious con with the whole online only thing! You can't see how it will hang or the actual colours or the material/quality! BUT you can always return right?

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